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  |  94 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Action feature in which a kidnapped firefighter is forced to do battle in a modern day, online version of a gladiatorial arena. For all the benefits and advances brought forth by the internet, a ruthless businessman, Logan (Samuel L. Jackson), believes he has seen a way to make money from a more primal aspect of human behaviour it appears to have unleashed: a desire to see the grotesque and cruel. Business is booming, but finding participants to compete in the deadly games he organises is proving more difficult than getting people to tune in. Firefighter David Lord (Kellan Lutz) is very much an unwilling participant, still in mourning over the death of his pregnant wife, Lori (Nina Dobrev). However, the beginning of the games provides an outlet for Lord's fury, and it may be more destructive than Logan had bargained for...

Contains strong bloody violence, gore and one use of very strong language
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