Art Will Save the World

  |  Book Tickets: 05/04/2016
  |  110 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Art Will Save the World Film Poster


Director: Niall McCann. Ireland, 2012. 70mins. Doc´n Roll Film Festival presents - Sounds of London, a twelve-week, multi-venue cinematic celebration of the capital’s rich and rebellious musical heritage. Q&A featuring director Niall McCann and Luke Haines. A documentary profiling the prolifically inventive songwriter and former frontman of the criminally underrated Auteurs, Luke Haines is for many best known as the author of Bad Vibes, a comically cold-blooded post-mortem of the mid-90s Britpop scene. Although Jarvis Cocker escapes the worst of Haines’ bile in Bad Vibes – and acknowledges the “favour” by serving as the primary talking head in Art Will Save the World – the same can hardly be said of his erstwhile peers on the UK indie scene. From Haines’ commercial high points – a Mercury award nomination that saw the Auteurs beaten to the prize by Suede’s debut album by just a single vote; an incongruous Top of the Pops appearance with the delightfully arch Black Box Recorder – the film follows a bizarre commercial spiral. Part of Britain on Film, this event is supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London and proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network funded by the National Lottery.