Aschhe Abar Shabor

  |  Book Tickets: 10/03/2018
  |  150 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Aschhe Abar Shabor Film Poster


After two gruesome rape and murder of two girls at Kolkata and Chandannagor, Shabar Dasgupta begins his investigation and finds a similarity in modus operandi . Although Vijay sen, the main accused is already being mob lynched, (somehow survived) is in Jail, Shabar Dasgupta starts his investigation in his own way. Shabar understands that there is a dating site of which one of the murdered girl was a member and Vijay sen also is a member who is linked with several girls on that dating site. Shabor smells a possibility that Rinku never got the chance to reach Vijay and probably she was killed by a very close associate. Meanwhile Shabor met one of the girls of the dating site who gave him information regarding the serial killer. Shabar goes out for the murderer.