Au Revoir Les Enfants

  |  Book Tickets: 12/07/1993
  |  Buy to Own: 12/07/1993
  |  105 min
Rated 12A by the BBFC
Au Revoir Les Enfants Film Poster


Wartime drama written and directed by Louis Malle. During the Nazi occupation of France, young teenager Jean (Raphael Fejito) returns to his Catholic boarding school after some time off and strikes up a friendship with new classmate Julien (Gaspard Manesse). After some initial hostilities and friction between the pair, Julien learns that Jean is in fact Jewish, and one of three boys being offered a safe haven by the sympathetic headmaster (Philippe Morier-Genoud). However, when Gestapo officers arrive at the school, they begin to delve deeper into the lives of the students and the priests watching over them...

moderate sex references, moderate bad language, scenes of smoking
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