Azur And Asmar - The Princes' Quest

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  |  99 min
Rated U by the BBFC


Animated feature from French director Michel Ocelot, that blends ornate Moorish and Renaissance influences into a visually lavish whole. The tale follows the fortunes of two childhood friends, young Azur (voice of Rayan Mahjoub), the son of a European nobleman, being raised by Moroccan nurse Jenane (voice of Hiam Abbass), and Jenane's own young son Asmar (voice of Abdelsselem Ben Amar). Both boys become fascinated by Jenane's tales of the 'Djinn-Fairy', a magical creature waiting to be released from her captivity by a heroic prince. When his father suddenly throws his Moroccan servants out of the house, sending Azur away to school for the rest of his childhood, the boys' friendship is lost. Years later, Azur (now voiced by Cyril Mourali), still bewitched by the tale of the Djinn-Fairy, travels to Asmar's (now voiced by Karim M'Riba) homeland in search of his goal and, finding his old friend, enters a race to be the first to find the Djinn.

Contains mild fantasy violence
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