Bad Manners Wacko Fraternity Vacation

  |  Buy to Own: 06/05/2006
  |  251 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Comedy triple-bill. In 'Bad Manners' (1984), the Home of the Bleeding Heart for orphans is more like a prison than a home for parentless children. Run by the tyrannical Sister Serena (Anne De Salvo) and her eccentric partner in crime Mr Kurtz (Murphy Dunne), it doesn't take the inmates long to hatch an escape plan. In 'Wacko' (1981), Detective Dick Harbinger (Jon Don Baker) has one hell of a criminal in his sights, the pumpkin headed Lawnmower Killer, in this comedy spoof of various late 70s movies. As Dick attempts to track down the killer he is eventually lead back to the High School Pumpkin Prom where the murderer first struck some 13 years before. On the way we're treated to a variety of 'Airplane!'-style spoofs of other movies including 'Saturday Night Fever', 'Grease', 'Alien' and more. Finally, in 'Fraternity Vacation' (1985), it's summer vacation and Bruce 'Mother' Tucker (Tim Robbins) and Joe Gillespie (Cameron Dye) are off to Palm Springs to chase girls. Their only problem comes in the form of their travelling partner, nerdy Wendell Tvedt. The fun begins when a bet is placed between Bruce and Jo and two other students who believe they can win the hand of any girl quicker than them. The game is on but which of the four will win the heart of the beautiful Ashley Turner? Or Will geeky Wendell and Ashley become star-crossed lovers?