Bad Neighbours

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  |  92 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Nicholas Stoller directs this suburb-set comedy starring Zac Efron, Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne. Mac (Rogan) and Kelly (Byrne) have just moved into their new suburban home where they plan on raising their newborn baby. Struggling to adjust their life around the new arrival, both wish they had more time to spend with friends and replenish their dwindling sex life. On top of all this, all hope of regaining any semblance of their former lives is completely lost when a college fraternity led by the cocksure Teddy Sanders (Efron) moves in next door. As the parties commence and Mac and Kelly grow increasingly frustrated by the noise and carefree attitudes of the fraternity members, they find ways of getting back at the boys next door. Can the two sides come to a mutually beneficial agreement, or will the fraternity continue to ruin the couple's chance at domestic bliss?

very strong language, drug use, strong sex, crude sex references, nudity
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