Balls Of Steel: The Best Of Balls Of Steel

  |  Buy to Own: 05/02/2007
  |  160 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Balls Of Steel: The Best Of Balls Of Steel Film Poster


Collected best moments of the Channel 4 Jackass-alike series, which showcased grown men performing the most juvenile pranks and feats imaginable. Hosted by Mark Dolan, the programme features a revolving cast of characters well up for getting hurt for a laugh: Pain Men - going by the names Pancho and Pritchard, deliberately inflict pain on themselves or each other; World's Worst is a handyman who is rubbish at everything and wrecks any job as well as often hurting himself as patrons look on in stunned disbelief; Naked Man simply walks about the country in the buff; Man Tester is a pretty young woman who picks up men in bars before revealing such tasty facts as she used to be a hooker or works for a chat line - taking a call in front of him - the gag is, does the guy slope off for a really long toilet break, or steam ahead.