Barbie: Dreams Come True

  |  246 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of animated adventures featuring Barbie and her friends. In 'Barbie and the Diamond Castle' (2008), Barbie (voice of Kelly Sheridan) and her new pal Teresa (Cassidy Ladden) find a magic, enchanted mirror and make friends with the girl trapped inside. Deciding to rescue her, they embark on an exciting adventure to the hidden Diamond Castle. In 'Barbie As Rapunzel' (2002), Rapunzel (Sheridan) lives a lonely life with no one for company after being imprisoned in a tall tower by an evil witch. However, when a handsome prince comes calling, Rapunzel sees an opportunity to escape. Finally, 'Barbie As the Princess and the Pauper' (2004) follows Princess Anneliese (Sheridan) as she looks for some excitement and an escape from her boring royal lifestyle. Betrothed to be married to King Dominick (Mark Hildreth) in the neighbouring kingdom, she decides to see a bit of life outside the castle walls before the wedding, and ventures out into the city with her tutor Julian (Alessandro Juliani). There she befriends a poor girl by the name of Erika (Sheridan) who is her virtual twin. When Anneliese is kidnapped by the Queen's evil advisor Preminger (Martin Short), who wants to marry her himself, Erika is called on by Julian to impersonate the princess so that they can stall for time to unravel the truth.