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Rated 15 by the BBFC


Evan Rachel Wood and Scott Speedman star in this romantic comedy directed by Andrew Fleming. Speedman plays the role of Jay Wheeler, a privileged and rebellious young man who tries his hardest to make his wealthy father ashamed of him while fully exploiting the riches he has provided for him. When Jay is made to work a janitorial role in a local mental hospital as part of a probation period, he meets Daisy (Wood), the hospital's newest patient. Daisy has been institutionalised after the death of her mother, and the doctors believe that she may be responsible. However, Jay recognises that Daisy is harmless and naive and opts to take her to his brother's wedding as part of a ruse to convince his parents he's settled down and hopefully attain some more money from them. Will his scheming go to plan?

strong nudity, sex references
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