Batfink: The Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 06/12/2004
  |  479 min
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All 100 episodes of Hal Seeger's 1960s animated series about the crime-busting superhero with supersonic sonar-radar and wings of steel. With his powerful yet unavailing sidekick Karate, Batfink is on a mission to make the world a safer place - and must battle against his arch villains, Hugo A Go Go, Gluey Louie, The Skinny Minnie Gang and many more, in the fight against evil. Episodes are: 'Pink Pearl of Asia', 'The Short Circuit Case', 'Ebenezer the Freezer', 'The Sonic Boomer', 'Big Ears Ernie', 'Batfink on the Rocks', 'Manhole Manny', 'The Mad Moviemaker', 'Nuts of the Round Table', 'Skinny Minnie', 'Fatman Strikes Again', 'The Kitchy-Koo Kaper', 'The Dirty Sinker', 'Gluey Louie', 'Brother Goose', 'The Chocolate-Covered Diamond', 'Crime College', 'Myron the Magician', 'Brain Wash Day', 'M.P.F.T.B.R.M.', 'Gloves on the Go Go', 'Sporty Morty', 'Go Fly a Brat', 'Ringading Brothers', 'Out Out Darn Spot', 'Goo Goo A Go Go', 'Crimes in Rhymes', 'Stupidman', 'A Living Doll', 'Bat Patrol', 'Dig that Crazy Mountain', 'Spin the Batfink', 'Greasy Gus', 'The Mark of Zero', 'Swami Salami', 'The Human Pretzel', 'Jumping Jewellery', 'Roz the Schnozz', 'Karate's Case', 'The Wishbone Boner', 'Hugo for Mayor', 'The Indian Taker', 'The Devilish Device', 'Goldstinger', 'The Shady Shadow', 'Party Marty', 'The Beep Bopper', 'The Super Trap', 'Bride and Doom', 'Topsy Turvy', 'The Rotten Rainmaker', 'Gypsy James', 'The Kooky Chameleon', 'Beanstalk Jack', 'The Time Stopper', 'The Kangarobot', 'Presto-Chango-Hugo', 'Curly the Cannonball', 'Robber Hood', 'Slow Down! Speed Up!', 'Sandman Sam', 'Yo Yo A Go Go', 'Hugo's Hoke', 'Backwards Box', 'The Great Escapo', 'Watch My Smoke', 'Daniel Boom', 'Queenie Bee', 'The Thief From Baghdad', 'The Mean Green Midget', 'Double Double Crossers', 'The Baffling Bluffs of Hugo A Go Go', 'Napoleon Blownapart', 'The Atom Boom', 'Magneto the Magnificent', 'Hugo the Crimefighter', 'The Trojan Horse Thief', 'The Zap Sap', 'Unhappy Birthday', 'Buster the Ruster', 'Karate's Day Off', 'Mike the Mimic', 'Cinderobber', 'Bouncy Bouncy Batfink', 'The Bomber Bird', 'The Copycat Bat', 'Old King Cruel', 'Victor the Predictor', 'Goldyunlocks and the Three Baers', 'Jerkules', 'Hugo Here, Hugo There', 'Bowl Brummel', 'Fleiderfink', 'Blankenstein', 'Whip Van Winkle', 'Tough Macduff', 'Judy Jitsu', 'Ego A Go Go', 'Father Time Bomb' and 'Batfink - This is Your Life'.