Battle Of The Planets: Part 1

  |  Buy to Own: 15/04/2002
  |  248 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Twelve episodes from the classic Anime series following the exploits of G-Force members Princess, Tiny, Keyop, Mark, Jason and 7-Zark-7 as they battle to protect Earth from the advances of Spectra leader Zoltar. In 'Attack of the Space Terrapin' Zoltar attacks Earth with a powerful new weapon. In 'Rescue of the Astronauts' G-Force set out to rescue three astronauts being held captive by Spectra. 'The Space Mummy' sees G-Force forced to confront Zoltar and his new ally while investigating a series of plane crashes on the planet Zarkadia. 'The Space Serpent' has the team attempt to prevent Zoltar from using his new machine to create earthquakes all over the planet Earth. 'Ghost Ship of Planet Mir' finds G-Force battling a huge fleet of ships led by Zoltar. 'Big Robot Gold Grab' sees the galaxy's entire supply of gold stolen by Spectra's robot submarine. In 'Ace from Outer Space' space pirate Captain Doom attacks 7-Zark-7's new spacecraft, forcing G-Force to speed to the rescue. 'Fearful Sea Anemone' sees the team defending a submarine base being attacked by Zoltar's terrible sea monster. 'The Jupiter Moon Menace' has Earth come under attack from a giant lobster based on one of Jupiter's moons. 'A Swarm of Robot Ants' finds Spectra collaborating with Antoff, who attacks Earth with his giant robot ants. In 'Space Rocket Escort' Colonel Cronus helps G-Force defeat Spectra when the latter seizes control of a new spacecraft. Finally, 'Beast with a Sweet Tooth' sees G-Force doing battle with a giant beetle sent by Spectra to capture Earth's cane crops.