Battlefield: Series 1

  |  Buy to Own: 02/05/2005
  |  300 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Twelve documentaries using archive footage to examine some of the most crucial battles of the Second World War. 'The Battle of France' looks at the German invasion in 1940, when their Blitzkreig tactics swept aside the French and British armies. 'The Battle of Britain' examines the ferocious air war between the RAF and the German Luftwaffe, defeating Hitler's plans for an invasion of Britain. 'The Battle of Midway' looks at the momentous naval battle of 1942, when the American Pacific fleet inflicted a crippling defeat on the Japanese. 'The Battle of Stalingrad' looks at the most pivotal battle of the entire war, when an entire German army group was destroyed in horrific urban combat. 'The Battle of Normandy' examines the 1944 invasion of occupied France by the British and Americans and the fighting that followed. 'The Battle of Berlin' looks at the final battle, when the Russians surrounded the German capital and destroyed the remaining German resistance. 'The Battle For North Africa' looks at the bitter fighting between Britain, Italy and Germany , as Britain successfully defended Egypt. 'The Battle of the Atlantic' examines the struggle for dominance between the Royal Navy and the German U-Boats. 'The Battle For Russia' looks at Hitler's failed gamble to destroy the Soviet Union. 'The Battle For Italy' looks at the Allied invasion of 1943 and the attempt to knock Italy out of the war. 'The Battle of Leyte Gulf' examines the American struggle against the Japanese in the Pacific, and finally 'The Battle of the Rhine' looks at the momentous crossing by Allied forces of Germany's last natural barrier in 1945.