Battling For Baby Mesmerized Welcome To Paradise

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  |  274 min
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Drama-comedy triple-bill. 'Battling For Baby' (1992) is a comedy starring Courtney Cox, Debbie Reynolds and Suzanne Pleshette. Glamorous grannies Marie (Pleshette) and Helen (Reynolds) used to be great friends when they were young. After they find themselves grandmothers to the same baby though, their friendship turns to a bitter rivalry to see who gets to look after Katherine's (Cox) child while she goes back to work. 'Mesmerized' (1984) is set in New Zealand during the 1880s, and is based on the true story of an orphaned 18-year-old girl (Jodie Foster) who marries a much older man. However, he constantly abuses her and keeps her under his thumb until, using hypnotism, she kills him. In 'Welcome to Paradise' (1984), lifelong friends Anne, Claire and Denise (Shelley Long, Mel Harris and Delane Matthews) have come to the conclusion that their lives need a change and decide that a girls-only holiday is the best remedy. They arrive unexpectedly at the hottest resort for the younger generation - also the place they had their last wild times together before following their different paths in life. Initially they think that the holiday looks set for disaster but each of the three women then finds themselves embarking on a holiday romance with an unforseen choice of man. Anne hooks herself a toyboy who can't get enough of her, Claire mixes business with pleasure in an amorous encounter with an Olympic superstar and Denise finds an old flame that's still burning on the beach. As the holiday draws to a close will the friends seize the day to turn their lives around?