Bear Grylls: Born Survivor - Patagonia

  |  Buy to Own: 18/02/2008
  |  150 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Bear Grylls: Born Survivor - Patagonia Film Poster


As one of the youngest people to climb Everest and one of the few to successfully complete the gruelling training for the French Foreign Legion, Bear Grylls has experienced intense cold, pain and exhaustion. In this feature length special that opens with the old Etonian parachuting on to a treacherous ice field in Southern Patagonia, he demonstrates the survival techniques needed to withstand avalanches and hangs in the jaws of an ice crevasse. To escape a snowstorm, he takes shelter for the night in a snow cave, before paragliding from the mountain range into the beech forest below. Picking his way through the challenging terrain of the Patagonian tundra, he grubs around for worms and beetles to eat. He tackles a frozen bog and attempts to sail a makeshift raft across an icy lake. Phew.