Beautiful Kate

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  |  101 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Beautiful Kate Film Poster


Rachel Ward directs this gritty Australian drama exploring the dynamics of a chronically dysfunctional family. Ben Mendelsohn stars as middle-aged writer Ned, who, accompanied by his much younger girlfriend, Toni (Maeve Dermody), drives to the remote outback ranch home of his estranged, dying father Bruce (Bryan Brown) after being summoned there by his sister Sally (Rachel Griffiths). The last time Ned saw his father was during the tragic summer that saw the deaths of his twin sister Kate (Sophie Lowe) and his brother Cliff. Now, as the surviving family members struggle to find common ground, old resentments bubble to the surface and long-held secrets are revealed.

Contains very strong language, strong sex, and incest theme
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