Bedazzled Jumpin' Jack Flash Serving Sara

  |  Buy to Own: 05/02/2007
  |  290 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set containing three popular comedy movies. 'Bedazzled' (2000) is a remake of the 1967 Dudley Moore and Peter Cook classic. Brendan Fraser plays computer technician Elliot, who falls for Elizabeth Hurley's devilish charms, and agrees to sell his soul to her for seven wishes. He then uses the wishes to seek happiness with his co-worker Alison (Frances O'Connor), the girl he really loves. However, each time Hurley's Devil makes his dreams come true she adds a twist all of her own, making the hapless Elliot wish things were left just as they were at the beginning. In 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' (1986), Whoopi Goldberg plays a bored computer operator who receives an appeal for help on her screen from a British agent caught in Eastern Europe. She finds herself being drawn into the world of espionage, but manages to strike an effective balance between humour and intrigue. In 'Serving Sara' (2002), Joe Tyler (Matthew Perry) used to be an attorney, but his career went downhill when he discovered some of his clients were associated with the Mob; the only job he can get now is handing out legal summons for defendents to appear in court. His colleague, however, is after his job and has started to tip-off potential recipients. Given a second chance by his boss, when a wealthy cattle baron (Bruce Campbell) wants to divorce his wife, Sara (Hurley) who is also his business partner, Joe is to serve her the papers. But once Sara realises that she will lose her business she makes a deal with Joe - she will pay him $1 million if he serves the papers to her husband instead. Can Joe serve them before the Texan is tipped off?