Before Sunrise Sunset and Midnight Trilogy

  |  Book Tickets: 24/04/2016
  |  289 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Before Sunrise Sunset and Midnight Trilogy Film Poster


A rare opportunity to reunite with Jesse and Céline as we screen Richard Linklater's beautiful Before Trilogy back-to-back! BEFORE SUNRISE (15) Director: Richard Linklater. USA/Austria/Switzerland 1995. 101 mins. On a train to Vienna, young American Jesse (Ethan Hawke) starts chatting with Celine (Julie Delpy). He charmingly persuades her to spend the day with him in the city, and as they wander around, we see them magically fall in love. BEFORE SUNSET (15) Director: Richard Linklater. USA 2004. 80 mins. Nine years after their romantic encounter in BEFORE SUNRISE, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) are unexpectedly reunited in Paris. Their walk is peppered with intimate conversation – but is a happy ending for them possible? BEFORE MIDNIGHT (15) Director: Richard Linklater. USA 2013. 109 mins. This final episode of Richard Linklater’s trilogy retains its core simplicity: a pair of lovers (Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy) discuss their lives and love during a single day. Convincing and inspiring.