Benny's Video

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  |  105 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Austrian director Michael Haneke's graphically disturbing drama about a socially alienated teenager whose world-view is gauged through video cameras. The film questions the desensitising aspects of images of violence on television and the media in general, and the effect this has on the moral reasoning of the young. Benny (Arno Frisch) is an only child, intelligent, but a bit of a loner. He sits in his room most nights, with his video cameras and TV, watching horror films and listening to heavy rock music. Inviting a young girl his own age back to his room one day, he shows her a video, that he has filmed, of a pig being slaughtered. Producing the bolt-gun used in the killing, the pair then play a game of 'dare', which results in the girl being shot dead by Benny. When his parents eventually find out, he's taken off to Egypt while his father attempts to hide the evidence.

Contains strong violence
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