Between Sea And Land

  |  Book Tickets: 26/10/2016
  |  98 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Between Sea And Land Film Poster


Director: Manolo Cruz, Carlos del Castillo. Starring: Manolo Cruz, Vicky Hernandez, Viviana Serna, Jorge Cao, Mile Vergara, Javier Saenz. Colombia 2015. 98 mins. Spanish with English subtitles. 28-year-old Alberto lives on a swampy marsh adjacent to the Caribbean sea, which he dreams of visiting one day. But he is afflicted with a neurological disorder that confines him to his bed, while his widowed mother Rosa lovingly protects and takes care of him. Alberto’s wry humor and creativity help them muster the strength to endure, and Rosa works tirelessly to make ends meet. Alberto’s only companion is his young neighbour Giselle, who showers Alberto with affection, much to Rosa’s worry. But the life he imagines with his would-be-sweetheart feels just as close-yet-out-of-reach as the sea he looks upon. As he slips into anguish, Rosa confronts her past in order to lift her son’s burden and make his dreams attainable. Manolo Cruz (who also wrote the film) gives a tremendous performance as Alberto, inhabiting a young man trapped by physical hardship but unbound by spirit. This indelible first feature, which portrays the extraordinary resilience and grace of characters caught in between the margins of a beautiful place, was awarded with the Audience Award and two Best Acting Awards in Sundance. CFF 12