Bewitched: Season 2

  |  Buy to Own: 06/02/2006
  |  1140 min
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The complete second season of the popular family comedy series which centres around a young, very much in love couple, the female half of which happens to be a witch. Elizabeth Montgomery plays the beautiful young Samantha Stephens, very much in love with her home and family, but constantly harried by her witchy mother, Endora (Agnes Moorehead), to return to her witcherly ways. Endora is a witch of the old school who doesn't go for any ecumenicalism between mortals and her world. She can't for the life of her understand what her lovely daughter Samantha sees in that ridiculous human Darrin Stephens (Dick York). Darrin is constantly infuriated by Endora. He's in love with his very own witch and he wants her to give up witchcraft completely. Of course, if Samantha were to do that for a whole year, she could become a mortal herself. Episodes comprise: 'Alias Darrin Stephens', 'A Very Special Delivery', 'We're In For A Bad Spell', 'My Grandson The Warlock', 'The Joker Is A Card', 'Take Two Aspirin', 'Trick Or Treat', 'The Very Informal Dress', 'And Then I Wrote', 'Junior Executive', 'Aunt Clara's Old Flame', 'A Strange Little Visitor', 'My Boss The Teddy Bear', 'Speak The Truth', 'A Vision Of Sugar Plums', 'The Magic Cabin', 'Maid To Order', 'And Then There Were Three', 'My Baby The Tycoon', 'Samantha Meets The Folks', 'Fastest Gun On Madison Avenue', 'The Dancing Bear', 'Double Tate', 'Samantha The Dressmaker', 'The Horse's Mouth', 'Baby's First Paragraph', 'The Leprechaun', 'Double Split', 'Disappearing Samantha', 'Follow That Witch (Part 1)', 'Follow That Witch (Part 2)', 'A Bum Raps', 'Divided He Falls', 'Man's Best Friend', 'The Catnapper', 'What Every Young Man Should Know', 'The Girl With His Golden Nose' and 'Prodigy'.