Bewitched: Season 5

  |  Buy to Own: 13/08/2007
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The complete fifth season of the popular comedy series starring Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stephens, a pretty, typical America housewife who just happens to be a witch. Episodes include: 'Samantha's Wedding Present', 'Samantha Goes For A Spell', 'Samantha On The Keyboard', 'Darren Gone! And Forgotten?', 'It's So Nice To Have A Spouse Around The House', 'Mirror Mirror On The Wall', 'Samantha's French Pastry', 'Is It Magic Or Imagination?', 'Samantha Fights City Hall', 'Samantha Loses Her Voice', 'I Want To Be A Butterfly', 'Weep No More My Pillow', 'Instant Courtesy', 'Samantha's Super Maid', 'Cousin Serena Strikes Again: Part 1', 'Cousin Serena Strikes Again: Part 2', 'One Touch Of Midas', 'Samantha The Bard', 'Samantha, The Sculptress', 'Mrs Stephens, Where are You?', 'Marriage Witch's Style', 'Going Ape', 'Tabitha's Weekend', 'The Battle Of Burning Oak', 'Samantha's Power Failure', 'Samantha Twitches For Unicef', 'Daddy Does His Thing', 'Samantha's Good News', 'Samantha's Shopping Spree' and 'Samantha And Darren In Mexico City'