Bewitched Wimbledon The Perfect Man

  |  Buy to Own: 02/10/2006
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Collection of three recent romantic comedies. In 'Bewitched' (2005) Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell star as actors playing Darrin and Samantha on a remake of the television show 'Bewitched'. Egomaniacal star Jack Wyatt (Ferrell) casts unknown Isabel (Kidman) as his co-star in order to monopolise the limelight and regain his top spot on Hollywood's A-List. When Isabel, a real witch, discovers Jack's self-centered scheme, she conjures a sidesplitting spell the mere mortal will never forget. 'Wimbledon' (2004) is a British romantic comedy about a washed-up tennis player (Paul Bettany) who scores a wildcard entry to the Wimbledon championship and finds his game reinvigorated after he meets one of the top American female stars. The Wimbledon tournament seems like Peter's last chance, although when he accidentally stumbles into the hotel room of Lizzie Bradbury (Kirsten Dunst), a rising star in the women's game, he finds his luck beginning to change. 'The Perfect Man' (2005) stars Hilary Duff as Holly Hamilton the beleaguered daughter of Jean (Heather Locklear), a vivacious middle-aged cougar with poor taste in men. Every time her mum breaks up with one of them, their address changes and Holly is sick of it. She decides to create an imaginary man with stellar attributes who secretly admires Jean. Jean takes the bait however, and something male and physical must be produced in a hurry...