Beyblade: Volume 8 - Episodes 29-32

  |  Buy to Own: 26/06/2006
  |  85 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Four more episodes of the hit children's television series. In 'Play It Again Dizzi', Kenny decides to record a database of the high and low points of the Bladebreakers after narrowly defeating the All Starz at the American Tournament. In 'Cruising For A Bruising', the Bladebreakers travel by boat across the Atlantic to take part in the Russian tournament. Not only do they have to deal with Kenny's seasickness, but Tyson is defeated on board by a mysterious foe. In 'London Calling', the kids are tricked into missing their boat and forced to spend the night in London where a mysterious videotape of Tyson's father is delivered to them. Tyson's Beyblade is then stolen and the kids are lured into a fight with the evil Cenotaph and his powerful Bit Beast. In 'Darkness at the End of the Tunnel' the kids are in a dark subway tunnel when their train is mysteriously hijacked. The Bladebreakers then meet the Dark Bladers, and are forced into a Beyblade match to rescue Kenny from the monsters' evil clutches.