Beyond the Boundary the Movie: I'll Be Here...

  |  Buy to Own: 27/03/2017
  |  172 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Beyond the Boundary the Movie: I'll Be Here... Film Poster


Two-part animated feature which continues on from the anime series. The first part recaps the events of the series, which follows the story of high school student Akihito Kanbara (voice of Kenn) who, preparing to commit suicide, spots fellow student Mirai Kuriyama (Risa Taneda) about to jump off the top of a building. As Akihito instinctively saves Mirai from her fate, he discovers that she is actually immortal and is half human, half youmu. The second part reintroduces Akihito and Mirai one year after the end of the series and reveals what has happened in the wake of its conclusion. Akihito must protect his friends from the dangers that still lurk all around them and help Mirai face a new threat with its sights aimed firmly on her.