|  Book Tickets: 23/06/2018
  |  75 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Bhasmasur Film Poster


The UK and Europe's largest South Asian film festival rocks up for its ninth year with an entertaining and thought provoking line-up of independent films that offer a rare window into a billion South Asian lives in the sub-continent right now. Bhasmasur: International Premiere: The former thief Dhaanu is heavily in financial debt, he returns to his Rajasthan village from the city to hide from a moneylender. His back against the wall, he decides to sell the prized family donkey, Bhasmasur, with whom his son, Tipu, shares a special bond. The trio set off by foot on a journey across the arid desert towards the city. Along the way numerous events take place bringing the absent father and his son closer together. As they arrive in the city however their relationship is put to an unexpected test. In Hindi with English Subtitles. PG - potentially upsetting content for more sensitive children.