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Ogni Bolshoj Derevni A Cinema owner and friends stand up to the local Mayor who wants to turn it into a shopping mall - a touch of Ealing comedy in this amusing Russian film, pitting the underdog against authority. Fedya is 20 years old. He loves movies, Zhenya and the small provincial 'Motherland' movie theatre that he has managed to revive. When the local authorities decide to turn 'Motherland' into a shopping mall, there is only one thing he can do: make a successful film with a top celebrity and pay off the crooked officials. No funds to pay top dollar? No worries, a rope and sleeping pills will do the job! Fedya teams up with a desperate demob producer, a wedding photographer/philosopher, and an actress/martial arts expert. Stunning Zhenya really stands out from the crowd, but Fedya can't bring himself to go further than offer her the lead role. The actors are ready, the cameraman is sober and their celebrity is already on set, putting in the performance of a lifetime which is only slightly impaired by the gag in his mouth. Lights, Camera, Action! Everything that can go wrong on a shoot will go wrong, but the bright eyes and bushy tails of the creative team and the local residents will help them to achieve what they set out to do! Starring: Dmitry Dyuzhev, Kirill Frolov, Maxim Emelyanov, Anastasia Mytrazhik, Vassily Kortukov, Yury Bykov, Tagir Rakhimov, Karen Martirosyan, Kirill Polukhin, Anna Vorkueva. (Subtitles) Russia 2016 Ilya Uchitel 85m