Bigas Luna Collection

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Box set of four titles from revolutionary Spanish director Bigas Luna. In 'The Ages Of Lulu' (1992) Fifteen-year-old Lulu has never known any affection from her family. But when she goes to a rock concert with Pablo, a friend of the family, she has her first sexual experience. Years later, Pablo and Lulu have married; Pablo has created a sheltered, private world for Lulu, into which nothing intrudes. However, Lulu tires of her cloistered existence, and begins hanging out in shady bars, looking for vicarious thrills and danger. In 'Jamon Jamon' (1992) when underwear factory worker Silvia (Penelope Cruz) falls pregnant by her boyfriend and boss Jose Luis (Jordi Mulla), Jose's domineering mother, Conchita (Stefania Sandrelli) takes immediate action to prevent them getting married. Selecting the sexy would-be bullfighter Raul (Javier Bardem) from the local ham factory, Conchita pays him to seduce Silvia and persuade her to break off the engagement to Jose. 'Golden Balls'(1993) is a parody of ambition and success. Benito Gonzales (Javier Bardem) is a man who's main aim in life is to erect the tallest building in the town. He has no money but has plenty of charm and self-confidence and manages to get virtually everything he wants. However, when his two girlfriends wise up to the way he has been using them, things start to go wrong for the goldenballed charmer and he encounters problems both in the bedroom and on the building site - problems which begin to assume an uncanny resemblance to each other. 'The Tit and the Moon' (1996) tells the tale of Tete, a nine year old Catalan lad who resents his baby brother's monopoly on his mother's breasts, and asks the moon for one of his own. His prayer seems to have been answered when French dancer Estrellita arrives, but sadly she is involved with flatulent and impotent cabaret partner Maurice. Tete has another rival for Estrellita's affections in the form of Miguel, a flamenco-singing teenager.