Billion Dollar Brain Our Man Flint In Like Flint

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  |  320 min
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Triple bill of 1960s espionage. 'Billion Dollar Brain' (1967), directed by Ken Russell, is the last in a trio of spy thrillers based on the novels by Len Deighton (it was preceded by 'The Ipcress File' and 'Funeral in Berlin') starring Michael Caine as antihero Harry Palmer. Having left the Secret Service, Palmer is now working as a private eye. He is soon sucked into a web of conspiracy involving a far-right American billionaire, General Midwinter (Ed Begley), who plans to wipe out the Communist threat in Latvia using his highly sophisticated computer system. James Coburn stars as Derek Flint in 'Our Man Flint' (1965), a spoof on the James Bond genre. Multi-talented, multi-gadgeted Flint (his lighter has over 80 different functions and he can even talk to dolphins!) is an agent for the international intelligence agency Z.O.W.I.E. who is assigned to find out why fellow spies are dying left, right and centre. During his investigations, he discovers that the killings have been ordered by the evil G.A.L.A.X.Y. which has plans to take over the world - through controlling the weather. James Coburn reprises his role as Flint in 'In Like Flint' (1967), another James Bond spoof. This time round he is up against a gang of women who aim to take over the world by kidnapping astronauts and putting doubles in their place, so that they can gain control of all the missile sites around the world.