Billy The Kid Double Bill: Smoking Guns Trapped

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  |  120 min
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1940s Western double-bill directed by Sam Newfield and starring Buster Crabbe as the legendary outlaw. In 'Smoking Guns' (1942), while on the run from the law Billy the Kid (Crabbe) and his associates Fuzzy (Al St. John) and Jeff (Dave O'Brien) find themselves mixed up with some ranchers who are being given a tough time by the local sheriff (Ted Adams). It seems that the army want to use the ranchers' land to set up a base and that the sheriff is prepared to use fair means and foul to clear the area. Matters are complicated by the fact that the local doctor (Milton Kibbee) is equally crooked and not averse to administering lethal injections - something that may cause problems when one of Billy's gang is injured and taken to the surgery. In 'Trapped' (1942), Crabbe once again takes on the role of the outlaw cowboy in this Western adventure. Sprung from jail by a bunch of murderers, Billy, Fuzzy and Jeff (Malcolm McTaggart) soon find they're being framed for the crimes of three impersonators. Trying to clear their name, Billy and his friends set off to hunt down the imposters.