Black Cat: Volume 4 - The Cat's Tale

  |  Buy to Own: 23/11/2009
  |  100 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Episodes 13-16 of the Japanese Anime series. In 'The Love Cat' Creed kills Durham, which influences Charden's and Kyoko's decision to leave the Apostles. Kyoko decides to make Train a chocolate for 'Heart Gift' day. Doctor Kanzaki shows up and tries to shoot Kyoko with a nanotech bullet, 'Lucifer,' but Train jumps in front and is hit. In 'The Kitty Cat' the nanotech bullet has changed Train into a young boy. Eve and Train meet Tim, Layla, Mika and other orphans, and they help them fend off a group of gangsters. Train's past, where his parents were killed by an assassin who raised him, is explained. In 'The Distant Cat' the condition of Chronos wanes as Creed reveals its existence and the corrupt nature to the world while he seeks media attention. The Numbers grow restless, and Sephiria moves in to seek answers from, and even to kill, Train. However, Sephiria is interrupted as Charden interferes and combats both. Afterwards, Sephiria gives Train an orichalcum bullet to use later. In 'The Cat and the Lizard' Sven looks into a sweeper alliance formed to catch Creed. Train and Eve go after a lost pet lizard, Flora. The lizard turns out be a Tyrannosaurus, but Train and his friends manage to subdue it. Train learns of Creed's location, Kraken Island, from the alliance and heads out alone.