Black Hawk Down S.W.A.T. Bad Boys 2

  |  Buy to Own: 02/10/2006
  |  395 min
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Box set containing three popular action movies. 'Black Hawk Down' (2001) is a state-of-the-art war movie from director Ridley Scott, based on the US military blunders which took place in Somalia in 1993. Following a series of attacks by warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid on a Red Cross distribution centre, a group of US Rangers are sent on a mission to capture two of Aidid's close associates in the capital city Mogadishu. However, after successfully apprehending their targets, the Americans come under heavy attack from the residents of the city. In the ensuing chaos, a US Black Hawk helicopter is shot down, and the surviving crew find themselves trapped in a confused and relentless shooting battle with the enemy. In 'S.W.A.T.' (2003), Colin Farrell stars as Jim Street in this big-screen adaptation of the 1970s police-action television series. Street is a young special weapons and tactics team member who has just been demoted after a bad incident and is then chosen by S.W.A.T. expert Hondo Harrelson (Samuel L. Jackson) to join an elite team which plans to heighten their public image. Tough single mother, Chris Sanchez (Michelle Rodriguez) and veteran T.J. (Josh Charles) are put together with Street and the team survive a series of tests before their fist big assignment. The assignment involves transporting an international criminal to federal authorities, who has offered $1 million to anyone who can help him escape. In 'Bad Boys 2' (2003), narcotics detectives Lowrey (Will Smith) and Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are investigating an ecstasy drug ring on the streets of Miami after being assigned to a high-tech task force. Their inquiries lead them to the vicious Cuban Johnny Tapia (Jordi Molla), but as usual things do not go according to plan as tensions mount between the two cops; Lowrey has just begun to date Burnett's sister. The usual explosions and violent gun battles then ensue as they wreak a path of destruction in the pursuit of justice.