Black Rider Glad Tidings

  |  Buy to Own: 31/10/2011
  |  130 min
Rated U by the BBFC


Double bill of dramas from the 1950s directed by Wolf Rilla. In 'Black Rider' (1954) young reporter Jerry Marsh (Jimmy Hanley) and his boss's daughter, Mary Plack (Rona Anderson), investigate the mystery of a ghostly monk and, in the process, find a gang of criminals using a decrepit castle as a base where they are plotting to cause destruction of an atomic proportion. In 'Glad Tidings' (1953), Rilla's directorial debut, widower Colonel Tom Forester (Raymond Huntley) plans to retire from service and finally remarry. However, his children are opposed to their father's choice and his new bride, Kay Stuart (Barbara Kelly), bears the brunt of their disapproval.