Black Snake Moan

  |  Buy to Own: 17/09/2007
  |  Watch Now: 01/11/2007
  |  110 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Christina Ricci and Samuel L. Jackson in a steamy southern tale of retribution and repentance. Rae (Ricci) is a bedeviled, troublesome and lubricious child whose life has been a series of sexual misadventures including having been sexually abused in early life. Lazarus (Jackson) is a former blues musician whose career has run aground due to self-imposed seclusion. Lazarus is himself tormented by inner demons - left a cuckold by a woman of easy virtue who took up with his own brother after a fling with his best friend. Lazarus finds Rae stretched out on a dirt road near his cabin after an attempted murder, he takes her in and tends her wounds. As Rae awakens, she's keen on repaying him in kind, using the only currency she understands - a notion the burned Lazarus finds abhorrent. He resolves to cure the girl with good old-fashioned virtue and the bible, much to her chagrin. Featuring a bit part by Justin Timberlake as Ronnie, Rae's anxious boyfriend, the film is a moody, clammy tale, with a pedigreed blues soundtrack, from Craig Brewer, the director of Hustle and Flow.

Contains strong language and sex references
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