Blake's Junction 7 Ant Muzak World Of Wrestling

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  |  37 min
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A collection of three shorts starring some of Britain's brightest comedy stars. 'Blake's Junction 7' (2004) is a 15-minute comedy inspired by the cult classic sci-fi series 'Blake's 7'. It stars Mark Heap, Martin Freeman and Johnny Vegas and features all-new recordings from original 'Blake's 7' cast-member Peter Tuddenham as the voice of Orac the super super-computer. In 'Ant Muzak' (2002), Nick Moran and Mackenzie Crook star in a documentary-style comedy about New Romantic punks Adam and The Ants making an eventful late-night trip to their local 24-hour supermarket. Cruising the aisles like some kind of bizarre family-unit, the flamboyantly dressed band-members are thrown into crisis when one of their two drummers suddenly goes missing. In 'World of Wrestling' (2006), while most of us sleep, the heroes and villains from the Golden Age of British wrestling must grapple against the odds to make it home safely from a night out on the tiles. Set predominantly onboard an iconic red double-decker bus, this is a journey into a colourfully skewed world of oversized men, ill-fitting leotards, Boston-Crabs, Half-Nelsons and the unforgiving whims of the British public transport system.