Blessed By Fire

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Rated 15 by the BBFC
Blessed By Fire Film Poster


A Falklands memoir from the other side of the battle. In the first film to present the Falklands conflict of 1982 from the Argentinean side, Tristan Bauer also presents a strong antiwar message. The action begins 20 years after the cessation of hostilities with the attempted suicide of Alberto Vargas (Pablo Ribba) a former soldier who served there. His journalist friend Esteban Leguizamón (Gastón Pauls), upon hearing of it, begins to have flashbacks of what horrors the two witnessed on the Malvinas, waiting, watching, woefully unprepared and malnourished for the kind of fight the British army had in mind. The soldiers come to the cheerless realization that they are cannon fodder in the worst way - grist to the political mill in which two strong-headed leaders had a vested interest in proving a point. Esteban travels back to the Malvinas to face his troubled past and tours the windswept and unforgiving place, now forgotten and rotting with rusted arms and munitions. With the UK celebrations and commemorations of the 25th anniversary of the battle, this is a refreshingly different perspective on the trauma, repugnance and worthlessness of a war that didn't really have to happen.

Contains strong language, war violence and injury
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