Blind Dead Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 14/11/2005
  |  573 min
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All four films in the 'Blind Dead' series, from writer-director Amando de Ossorio. In 'Tombs of the Blind Dead' (1971), when a group of tourists stumble across a ruined monastery, they inadvertantly cause the undead corpses of 13th century, devil-worshipping Templar Knights to rise from their graves and drain the blood from the locals. The knights were executed and the corpses left out for birds to pluck out the eyes, so these avenging demons locate their victims by sound alone. In 'Blind Dead 2: Return of the Blind Dead' (1973), it is 500 years since the heretic Templar Knights were blinded and brutally executed and the local village is celebrating the occasion. But on this 500th anniversary, the cannibalistic blind zombie killers rise from their unhallowed graves once more to hunt the living, tracking their victims by sound alone. The survivors flee to the local church for shelter, but are soon surrounded by the knights. Can they hold out until morning? In 'Blind Dead 3: The Ghost Galleon' (1974), when a pair of swimsuit models disappear after reporting a mysterious abandoned boat at sea, a search party sets out to investigate. Before long, they discover that the boat is home to the bloodthirsty, undead Templar Knights, and they must struggle to stay one step ahead of the eyeless zombie killers. Finally, in 'Blind Dead 4: Night of the Seagulls' (1975), in a remote coastal town, the terrified locals must sacrifice beautiful virgins to the blood cult of the eyeless zombie Templar Knights. For seven nights every seven years, these undead killers rise from the sea to feast on human flesh. This time, do the villagers have the courage to resist them?