Blood Runs Cold

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  |  83 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Blood Runs Cold Film Poster


Horror in which a remote country house hired by a musician seeking artistic inspiration turns out to be a dangerous retreat. Winona (Hanna Oldenburg) is on a high. Having just broken through as a musician she now returns to her hometown to relax and hopefully write a few new songs. Her manager (Ralf Beck) has rented a house for her on the outskirts of town, but Winona is unimpressed by the dilapidated state of the place and perturbed by a number of sounds she hears coming from upstairs. When she meets an old boyfriend and some of his friends in town, she decides the house would feel safer and more pleasant in company and invites them back to stay. When the entity responsible for making the noise reveals itself, however, it may take more than the boys to make Winona feel secure...

Contains strong language, sex and bloody horror
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