Blue Gender: Volume 3 - Factors 7-9

  |  Buy to Own: 07/10/2002
  |  62 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Three more episodes of the science fiction Anime cartoon series. It's 2031 and the world is run by giant insects called 'Blue' who prey on humans. In 'Factor 7: Sympath' Marlene and Yuji come across a stranger called Dice. He offers them shelter from dangerously proximate Blue for which our heroes are grateful, but Dice is not all he seems. In 'Factor 8: Oasis' a wild sandstorm leads to Yuji, Marlene and Dice getting split up. Yuji winds up being rescued by desert nomads and is befriended by Elena. But if the possibility of a quiet life seems tempting to Yuji it is soon shattered by the arrival of deadly bandits. Finally in 'Factor 9: Confirm' Marlene and Dice catchup with Yuji at the nomad camp and assume he'll rejoin their search for 'second Earth'. But Yuji wants to stay with Elena and refuses to leave... until the insectoid Blue arrive and force him to choose between Elena and the rescue of his old pals.