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This is the story of Turkey???s best stage band and its two members who faded away from that stage. Yavuz ??etin... Before jumping off the Bosphorus Bridge at the age of 31 due to bipolar disorder, he was called ???The Golden Boy???. He got married, became a father, got divorced. He released one solo album, died before the second one was out. Kerim ??apl????? He could play the drums, guitar, bass and keyboards with virtuosity. After performing with The Monkees and Jimi Hendrix in the USA, he returned to Turkey, only to die alone in a hotel room. Both had extraordinary talent. They left this world with lots of questions behind. But perhaps, the most interesting question was this: Should art be able to heal the wounds of a tormented soul? Or is it the wounds that really matter, bringing out the creative core? Blue attempts to explore the lives of these two talents and their struggle with the society and their own minds.