Bodies: Series 2 And Finale

  |  Buy to Own: 26/12/2006
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Bodies: Series 2 And Finale Film Poster


Concluding second series and finale of the gritty hospital drama dealing with intrigue and malpractice in an NHS maternity unit. A young registrar, Rob Lake (Max Beesley) works under established gynaecologist Roger Hurley (Patrick Baladi) whose record and methods are worthy of question. In series two, Rob finds himself out of a job whilst Hurley is promoted to Clinical Director. Rob's affair with Donna is still strong, though remaining extremely quiet. Hurley's patented close shaves on the operating table continue to give staff cause for concern, as he butts heads with fellow consultant Tony Whitman. Rob starts work for Whitman's company. Accusations of sexual harassment are levelled at Whitman, Donna crumbles under the stress and hits the diamorphine, more patients die and all the while, Rob quietly plots Hurley's demise.