Boj Na Kosovu

  |  Book Tickets: 15/03/2016
  |  35 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Boo! It's Boj!

CBeebies favourite Aussie bilby pops up to make things better for his buddies with all his funny surprises and creative thinking. And now he's popping up on the big screen for half-an-hour of giggly fun, as he helps everyone in Giggly Park with his brilliant Boj-a-boom ideas.

Every Boj show ends with a great song, but this programme starts with one too! And it's a Boj favourite, as our little hero's mum and dad (Mimi & Pops, played by Jason Donovan) sing a tune to celebrate another of his high-flying successes!

Then join Boj in Giggly Park with "Mia's Pet", where he finds his buddy has a pet ladybird in a box. When kindly park-keeper Mr Cloppity explains that ladybirds need to fly free, Boj plants a mini Giggly Park outside Mia’s house for the ladybird to call home!

And finally it's time to meet Boj's Cousin Hoj who joins Boj and his buddies in "Adventure Camp", a rarely seen double-length special episode. All Boj's buddies have trouble making friends with Hoj but Boj has a fun Boj-a-boom idea to help everyone get along... What is he like?!

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