Border Post

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  |  94 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Balkan comedy of errors, as a border guard invents a conflict in order to avoid facing the music from his wife. It's 1987, and Yugoslavian soldier Lieutenant Pasic (Emir Hadzihafizbegovic) is stationed on the border between Albania and Macedonia. Numbing the boredom with drink, he's shocked to discover, after consulting army medical student Siriscevic (Toni Gojanovic), that he has contracted syphilis from a local prostitute. Desperately trying to think of an excuse not to return home to his wife, he decides to concoct an imaginary conflict, a potential Albanian invasion. Sending Siriscevic back to his wife with the news, Pasic realises he now has to carry his ruse through to the end, sounding the alert, throwing his fellow soldiers into a panic, and threatening an international incident.