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  |  71 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Borderline Film Poster


A groundbreaking silent film for its explicit theme of racial prejudice and with an implicit homoerotic subtext, this is a seething exploration of love, passion and betrayal starring the legendary Paul Robeson. Influenced by the psychological realism of GW Pabst and Sergei Eisenstein's montage, the film is a lost classic of the British avant-garde. It tells the story of a tense, inter-racial love triangle and its deadly consequences. Director Kenneth MacPherson embellishes the story by portraying the extreme psychological states of the characters. The result is a unique and complex matrix of racial and sexual tension moving between the boundaries of black and white, male and female and the conscious and the unconscious. This version contains a newly commissioned soundtrack by the saxophonist Courtney Pine.

Contains racism theme and moderate violence
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