Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids

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  |  83 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Oscar-winning documentary by Zana Briski about the children of Calcutta's sex trade workers. Director Zana Briski went to Calcutta to photograph the children of sex-trade workers who carve out a Spartan existence among abject squalor. These children, some as young as 5, are forced to look after each other and dodge the blows of a society still based on a caste system of which they, or rather their parents, occupy the bottom rung. Briski was so moved by the children's plight that she became personally involved - the worst no-no of documentary making - and made a nonetheless striking feature length film about them. Embarking upon a photography course with the children, she asks them to take pictures of their everyday lives - discovering in the process a huge reservoir of untapped creativity and intelligence. The results are astounding and move Briski to attempt to get them enrolled in regular schooling against overwhelming odds - both state and family. The scenes of the group's first excursion to see the ocean (which is only a few miles away) and their international trip to an exhibition of their photographs in the US are absolutely gripping film.