Born of War

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  |  103 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Born of War Film Poster


Sofia Black-D'Elia and James Frain star in this low-budget action thriller. During a violent raid of her home, Oxford student Mina (Black-D'Elia) has her life torn apart when her family are killed by the intruders. As she seeks to find the perpetrators and get revenge, Mina discovers that her biological father is the feared terrorist Khalid (Philip Arditti) and he wants to be reunited with his sole heir. To bring the Middle Eastern warlord to justice Mina agrees to help the British government in their search and is partnered with independent mercenary Simon (Frain) to receive training for her mission. But as he transforms her into a killer, Mina travels to Afghanistan to act as bait to bring her father to justice, facing the dangers of war in the process.

strong language, violence, injury detail
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