Borstal Boy

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  |  278 min
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Triple bill of British films starring Danny Dyer. 'City Rats' (2008) is a multi-narrative drama set in London. Dyer stars as small-time crook Pete who is trying to get back on the straight and narrow after a stint behind bars, but soon finds his dodgy past catching up with him. Meanwhile, artist Dean (Ray Panthaki) is struggling to find inspiration, Olly (Kenny Doughty) is searching for his sexual identity and Carol (Natasha Williams) is looking for her son - a former acquaintance of Pete's from his violent, druggy past. 'Borstal Boy' (2000) is an adaptation of playwright, novelist, and political rogue Brendan Behan's autobiographical tale. In 1939, 16-year-old IRA recruit Behan (Shawn Hatosy) hides TNT in his trousers and boards a ferry for England, eager to further the Irish Republic's cause. Nabbed immediately by police, the underage Behan evades the hangman's noose and is sentenced to four years at an English 'Borstal', or reform school, run by the paternal Governor Joyce (Michael York). The cocky idealist, now living with the enemy - troubled boys that Brendan finds remarkably similar to himself - quickly begins planning his escape. To his dismay, Brendan becomes the object of handsome thief Charlie Millwall (Dyer)'s wistful homosexual affections. The young Irishman fights these affections but, in spite of himself, grows closer to Charlie. Meanwhile, Brendan begins a tenuous relationship with Joyce's daughter, Elizabeth (Eva Birthistle), a literate and upper-crust painter. 'Dead Man Running' is a thriller co-starring Dyer, Tamer Hassan, Brenda Blethyn and Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson. Nick Kane (Hassan) is an ex-con with a big problem, he is in debt to the tune of 100 grand to New York gangster and loan shark Mr Thigo (Jackson). Thigo is an uncompromising man who wants his money back in 24 hours or else, and to hurry things along, takes Nick's mum (Blethyn) hostage. Nick and his best friend Bing (Dyer) must try and get the money together using any means possible before time runs out.