Borzage: Volume 2 - Lucky Star Liliom

  |  Buy to Own: 02/11/2009
  |  204 min
Rated U by the BBFC
Borzage: Volume 2 - Lucky Star Liliom Film Poster


Double bill of films from director Frank Borzage. In the silent 'Lucky Star' (1929), Janet Gaynor stars as Mary, who meets and falls in love with Tim (Charles Farrell) just as WWI is declared and he is sent to France. Wounded, and having lost his legs, Tim returns home but shuns Mary's love because of his injuries. In 'Liliom' (1930), the eponymous hero (Charles Farrell), a tough, cocky carousel barker, falls in love with Julie (Rose Hobart), a young maid. When both lose their jobs and Julie discovers that she is pregnant, Liliom, unbeknownst to Julie, agrees to participate with his crminal friend The Buzzard (Lee Tracy) in a holdup to obtain money to provide for the child.

Contains very mild violence
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