Box Of The Banned 2

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  |  480 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Second compilation of cult horror, a collection of films that were originally banned in the 1980s during the 'video nasty' scare. In Dario Argento's 'Tenebrae' (1982), Peter Neil (Anthony Franciosa) is a mystery writer in Rome to promote his new novel. His stay is disturbed by a crazed maniac who begins a terrifying murder spree, stuffing his victims' mouths with pages from Neils' books. In 'Dead and Buried' (1981), The sheriff of a New England fishing town (James Farentino) is perplexed by a series of strange and gruesome murders and becomes determined to solve the mystery. His investigations are complicated when the dead start coming back to life. In 'Evilspeak' (1981), at an American army base, a young cadet is subject to endless bullying. After discovering a black magic book in a secret temple beneath the base, he decides to gain revenge on his tormentors by using its dark secrets. In 'Don't Go Near the Park' (1981), two 12,000-year-old superhuman creatures, banned from their prehistoric tribe for using ritual cannibalism to prolong their lives, hope to recapture their eternal youth in modern Los Angeles by kidnapping and sacrificing a 16-year-old virgin. In 'The Witch Who Came From the Sea' (1975), a young woman who has spent years being sexually abused by her father takes out her frustrations on men by performing a series of horrific mutilation sex crimes.

Contains strong bloody violence
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