Boys In Love Collection: Volume 1

  |  Buy to Own: 09/07/2007
  |  258 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Three gay dramas collected together in one package. 'The Trip' (2001) is a story about two mismatched friends' relationship over the stormy decades of the 1970s and 1980s. Tommy (Steve Braun) is a gay activist who meets closeted Republican campaigner Alan (Larry Sullivan) at a party in 1973. They begin a tempestuous love affair that sees them negotiating a turbulent political and social climate, breaking up, and getting back together when they are both given a second chance many years later. 'Under One Roof' (2002) is an erotic romantic comedy about two guys in love. Daniel Chang (Jay Wong) lives at home with his clueless, traditional mother (Sandra Lee). Desperate for a grandchild, she's eager to see him married and spends much of her time planning introductions to suitable Chinese girls for Daniel. But when she recruits a new lodger for the downstairs flat, Daniel finds himself falling for Robert (James Marks), the hot Southern boy who's moved to the big city. Robert's not a suitable Chinese girl - but is he gay? And does he feel the same way about Daniel? Daniel soon gets his chance to find out when the basement floods and his mother insists Daniel share his bedroom with Robert while the plumbers fix the mess downstairs. 'Everyone' (2004) is a Canadian comedy in which Ryan (Matt Fentiman) and Grant (Mark Hildreth) are a happy, successful gay couple who decide to get married. Holding a committment ceremony in their back garden, the couple invite all their friends and family to celebrate the happy day. What they weren't prepared for however was the amount of emotional baggage their guests would bring with them, and they find themselves having to deal with resentful parents, drunken guests, and revelations about an extra-marital affair. Even worse, a mysterious guest arrives who seems to have a thing for one of the grooms...